Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lilac Painting By Sawdust Festival Artist Rachel Uchizono

I love to use viridian, cerulean and magenta  when I paint. I don't use yellow very often and I am
starting to include more yellow objects when I set up a still life.  When I   garden I have avoided planting yellow flowers as well.  I have decided to make a change and include the color yellow in my life.  Does that sound strange?
My Mother avoided yellow.  I used to think it was genetic and that was the reason I avoided yellow flowers,  but I have changed my mind.     Intent is a potent thing.  I am planting yellow roses tomorrow in the garden.
This is my newest painting and I have listed it for sale online at Uchizono Gallery.
I am getting ready for the Sawdust Festival which opens on June 27 and runs until August 31.
Paintings by Rachel

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vintage Native American Green Turquoise Rings And Bracelets

The turquoise started out blue and turned a beautiful green from contact with oil from your skin, giving
the stones character and showing how much the piece was loved!
Battle Mountain turquoise bracelet topped with two Cerrillos turquoise stunners!  

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