Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lilac Painting By Sawdust Festival Artist Rachel Uchizono

I love to use viridian, cerulean and magenta  when I paint. I don't use yellow very often and I am
starting to include more yellow objects when I set up a still life.  When I   garden I have avoided planting yellow flowers as well.  I have decided to make a change and include the color yellow in my life.  Does that sound strange?
My Mother avoided yellow.  I used to think it was genetic and that was the reason I avoided yellow flowers,  but I have changed my mind.     Intent is a potent thing.  I am planting yellow roses tomorrow in the garden.
This is my newest painting and I have listed it for sale online at Uchizono Gallery.
I am getting ready for the Sawdust Festival which opens on June 27 and runs until August 31.
Paintings by Rachel

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