Monday, October 27, 2014

Cheyenne Grass Dance Bandolier Circa 1880

Cheyenne Grass Dance Bandolier  Circa  1880
This Cheyenne bandolier uses deer and elk hooves as sound producers.  Added to this are such items as thimbles, hawk bells, Victorian keys and buttons, coins and allotment shipment brass numbered tokens fro the Indian Agency on the reservation.   Also found are bullet casings, brass beads, glass beads, a silver lucky horseshoe on a chain, a beautiful pump drilled turquoise stone and a large shiny black rock with markings, one large Morgan dollar dated 1881, two crosses along with numerous red mescal beads, brass and iron tacks and other items too numerous to mention.
This unique Plains Indian grass dance bandolier was worn by groups of dancers who before a social or religious dance began would trample the grass flat while wearing these magical sound producing bandoliers.

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